Wrought Iron Stair Rail Remodel Gallery

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Following the theory of design concepts, the foyer should have the best furniture and art pieces of the whole house. This is because upon entering the home, these are the first things that you see. Among the most dramatic and beautiful pieces that you can place in your home to showcase is a custom elegant hand-forged wrought iron stair railing that cascades from one level of your home to the next. Along with the artistic element, adding a custom iron railing contributes to the value of your home making it more aesthetically pleasing and marketable. Furthermore, where layout permits, removing drywall railing and replacing it with an open flowing custom railing creates an entrance with a far grander and more spacious feel. The impact of installing a beautiful wrought iron railing by Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ is hard to imagine and measure when planning the project, so take a look at a few examples to help you gage the difference. Many times, after the transformation and addition of a wrought iron stair railing, it is hard to believe that you are still in the same house.

Our stair case remodels are well planned and executed so that the process will be one of most exciting remodels you do. Everything is addressed from A to Z, and you and your creative imagination are part of the process. Our experienced team will install the railing in one day, so there is very little work done at the house, which also means that you can continue with your normal schedule without great inconveniences. Some projects require some drywall wall work or wood work which is usually prepped and ready for the install on the day prior depending on your unique circumstance. We would love to meet with you at your home/project and show you what we can do to renovate your foyer and make a custom grand entrance that will completely enhance your home.

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