About Naddour’s Ornamental Iron

Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ provides the elegance of Wrought Iron ornamental works at a reduced price without losing any of the quality, detail or beauty. The sophistication of wrought iron, adds security and dramatically increases its aesthetic appeal while adding beauty and value to your home or business giving it an estate like feel.

Every ornamental iron project we create is lovingly hand forged by our artisans. The exquisite workmanship evident in our work comes from decades of craftsmanship and experience. We take pride in every detail of our work and constantly maintain quality checks and balances. Our commitment to meeting your highest expectations, we like to say, is as strong as the iron we forge.


About the Founder of Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™

Elyas Balta, CEO of Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ & Baltic Iron Doors™, originally graduated magna cum laude with a degree in physics. Pursuing his love for science, he was a fiber optical telecommunications research engineer for seven years. At a point of transition in his career, Elyas was sought by large defense firms for consulting and employment. Surprising to those closest to him, Elyas made a drastic life transforming and controversial change by deciding to pursue his dream of owning his own wrought iron company.

Elyas Balta’s family line derives from generations of metal workers and axe forgers hence the last name “Balta,” which means “axe” in ancient eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. Fueled by his love for art, imagination and iron, Elyas finally satisfied his craving by taking over Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ & then perfected the process of fabricating iron doors with a high tech engineering and manufacturing and branched off a subsidiary Baltic Iron Doors™.

Elyas takes particular pride in noting that all of Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ products are hand crafted by exceptional artisans who have been highly trained and everything is personally inspected by Elyas before delivery. In addition to having the highest standard for quality in its products, Naddour’s Ornamental Iron™ pays extra attention in making the process very convenient and simple for the client from full design service to being right on schedule with clean product and installation. We stand by our product in having great quality for great prices, the quality of the front door is also dependent on the quality of the installation, which is why we offer full installation services which further guarantees the final product, a gorgeous door with quality installation.